Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Time for change?

Well, YMPers, I actually don't have much to talk about, but wanted to throw something out there since we haven't had a post in a while. So, what's on my mind these days is the fact that not only myself, but a whole bunch of people I know, in the museum world and beyond, are moving this spring or summer -- to new jobs, new places. And as my own Seattle search kicks into high gear (see some of the posts below for more on that), I'm just starting to see a lot of interesting job openings, with a sense that even more are coming, whereas prior to the past few weeks it seemed like things were pretty sparse. Is it all the trappings of spring -- end of the school year, spring cleaning, things in bloom -- that inspires all this change? Anyone else out there moving on to bigger, better things?


Melissa said...

I'm going to be moving to Seattle next summer! Will be looking into museum jobs and I'm checking out the U Wash Museum Studies program.

Are you looking into art or history/science museums? What kinds of good news are you hearing?

Will you keep me posted on Seattle-specific jobs-to-come you hear about? Maybe opening a year from now? :) Good luck with the search! I hear Seattle is beautiful in summer!


Library Diva said...

I am! I'm very excited about it. After spending nearly two years with a staid, static organization that had a steadily eroding audience, I'm moving to a more urban area and working at a museum that's had steady growth, strong attendance, and a real plan for the future. My last day at my old job is Monday. I'm very excited!

Courtney said...

Congrats to Melissa and Library Diva (rather belatedly)!

Melissa, I look forward to having you as a fellow Seattle YMPer. Will try to get in touch with you off-post so we can share contacts/advice.

Library Diva, hope the new job is working out well. My last day at my current job is this Friday, and although I don't yet know what my new position across the country will be, I too am excited about the change!