Friday, December 21, 2007

Audio Tours @ Your Museum

I'm interested in audio tours/podcasts at different museums.

We've recently re-introduced (after a 10+ year hiatus) audio tours at the museum I work at. We decided to introduce them based on the feedback we received from our volunteers (and the feedback they've received from visitors). The audio tours are produced using Audacity and the audio tour devices themselves are low-cost MP3 players. We do all the work in-house. We’ve offered them with three exhibitions thus far – for free. The response to the audio tours continue to be encouraging – not to say we haven't had to tweak the product along the way/

Do your museums do audio tours/podcasts? If so, how do you produce them? What type of feedback do you receive from them? How much do you charge for them? Any words of wisdom to share?


Friday, December 07, 2007

EMP Report

If you guys haven't had a chance to check out this new AAM affiliate, make sure you take a look at AAM's Emerging Museum Professional (EMP) . It seems especially strong for those on the East Coast.

Emerging Museum Professionals
2007 Survey Report
View the complete survey and results (pdf).

Activities Planned for Emerging Museum Professionals Check out the exciting events scheduled for the 2008 AAM Annual Meeting in Denver for EMPs. There will be a host of opportunities to network with professionals in the field, such as a reception at the Tattered Cover bookstore, an EMP Power Hour: Action and Opportunity and numerous other activities at this year's Career Cafe! Visit the 2008 AAM Annual Meeting website for more information and to register.