Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is anyone out there?

We haven't posted on this blog in forever! For a lot of us out in museum-land our jobs have changed and our museums have changed significantly as a result of the economic downturn. Jobs have been cut, department budgets slashed, raises reduced or eliminated and in some extreme cases museums have closed.

Have you fallen victim to any of these? How are you coping? What have you changed about your career or how you do your job?

My brother asked me last week if I was pigeon-holed in my career and if I had options for careers outside of the museum? I've been thinking a great deal about that and it's hard for me to imagine myself in a non-museum setting. Has anyone transistioned to another field and found happiness or fulfillment?

Would love to hear from anyone out there and get this blog back on track. When times are tough like these we need to network and learn from each other now more than ever!