Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Value of a Museum Visit

Following an after school program last week, a large group of students gathered in the entrance to the Museum. Located in the same area are our cash contribution boxes (we are an admission free institution). As almost always a young student plastered his/her face to the box and marveled at all the money. I often take that opportunity to explain why they are there and what function they serve. At the conclusion of my little talk a fifth grade student reached into her oversized winter jacket and pulled out a dollar. With a large smile on her face, she placed it into the box; soon another student followed this time with fifty cents. It made me feel so happy, I guess I’m a sap.

I think it's important to reconnect to our missions/visions/goals and our audiences. Especially during a long winter where the days continue to be gray (at least by me) and we need a little fire starter. Do any of you have similar stories you’d like to share? So we can continue this feel good session!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Moving Up

Not only is the museum profession a highly competative field with limited numbers of positions, but it can also be a tough one to climb--especially within a single institution. It has been noted in several recent articles that, unlike thier parents' and grandparents generations, young professionals are spending less time with a single organization. Not only are they not spending their whole career with one institution, but they are actually spending only 2-4 years in one place. Is the only way to advance in our career to move to another organization for a better title (and hopefully the comensurate salary)? How do you ascend the ranks in an organization where turn over at the top is rare and the opportunities are limited? I'd like to hear your stories about your career advancement both in and outside of your current institution.