Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hunting Season

When I was ready to change jobs more than a year ago, I was in a frenzy to locate good positions. I mailed out more than 100 applications coast to coast and heard back from approximately 5-10% of those potential jobs. Needless to say, competition in this field is fierce. I am creating a new section for Job Links on the sidebar of this blog. I will catagorize websites by geographic region. If you have any good suggestions, please leave your feedback and I will post the link to the site.



Diane G. said...

Here are a couple of ideas:

Museum employment resource center:
Global Museum:
Museum job resources online:

Anonymous said...

Have you found that there's a time of year where more museums are looking for new staff? I know that, for the most part, it's kind of a revolving door, but I assume there's a peak season...

Jay Heuman said...

I understand Nathan's mailing out 100 applications in a job search. I, too, conducted a massive job search when I was working in Visitor/Volunteer Services at a mid-sized art museum in the Midwest, but aiming to break into education and curation. Lots of printer paper and postage, customized cover letters and reformated resumés. What I learned: The only job criteria you know is what a would-be employer includes in their all-too-brief call for applicants; but there are many criteria they didn't think to include! So if you've got the right degrees -- GREAT! But there are other criteria they might want to see . . . volunteer experience; customer service experience (retail, waiting tables?); hands-on teaching experience (teacher's aide, day care, scout leader?); etc. So, as a young museum professional (or aspiring museum professional), leave every single bit of work experience -- from summer camp counselor to retail and waiting tables to whatever -- on your resumé!

Anonymous said... is a great site for Arts and Culture jobs in Massachuetts.

Anonymous said...

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