Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New to the Field

Welcome to YMP! This site is dedicated to emerging museum professionals who want to connect with other people in the field to discuss issues young professionals face. In the coming weeks we will address such issues as career advancement, pursuing graduate school, navigating interoffice politics, and much more. If you have a question or comment, send me an email at nrichie@freedommuseum.us.

Nathan Richie
Education Program Manager
McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum
Chicago, IL


Susan Spero said...


This is a great idea, and I will pass it along to my students.....do let me know if you figure out the trick of getting folks to post...somehow the museum world reluctantly moves into this online world....

Anonymous said...

I got a promo email for your blog from one of my coworkers (at the Bell Museum of Natural History in Minneapolis, MN). I'm definitely a YMP so I'll be reading. :)

I use Blogger, but I'm also a LiveJournal user. I created a feed on LJ for other users who might prefer to read via that site.


Nathan said...

Thanks, Amy. Feel free to send a post to us. I haven't figured out how anyone can post (not sure it's possible), but people can send their thoughts to me and I can post it for them.


aa said...